Taking Separate Bids for Lawn Maintenance Contractor and Cleaning Contractor

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The Town of Gaston is taking separate bids for contracted positions as the lawn maintenance contractor and cleaning contractor.

The contractor for the lawn position will maintain and remove trash or debris from the lawns, bushes at Town Hall grounds, the Town Park, the Police Department grounds, Town Sign areas, two pump station areas and Hwy 321 from North and South ends of Town Limit signs in median and 10 foot on each side of Hwy 321. Cut grass in these areas every other week during growing season (March thru October) and every month during off season (November thru February). Trim bushes at Town Hall and Police Department and bottom of Crepe Myrtle trees in median on Hwy 321. If a tree in the median is damaged, repair or replace as needed. Refresh mulch at the Police Department and Town Hall as needed.

The contractor for cleaning will provide their own cleaning supplies and clean one day per week which includes: vacuum carpets, mop floors in Offices and Auditorium, clean windows monthly, clean all bathrooms, clean tables and chairs in kitchen, clean appliances and warmer equipment in kitchen, remove trash within buildings, dust offices and remove trash from trash cans beside park bathroom.   Location for work is at Town Hall, Kitchen, Auditorium, Rooms at Town Hall and public park bathrooms..

Bids for these positions will be taken at Town of Gaston, 131 North Carlisle Street, Gaston, SC 29053 until May 1, 2018 by 5:00 p.m.

Upon award of bid, Insurance Information Contractors must Provide to Town Hall:

Must have proof of General Liability (complete operations) at least $500,000 policy with the Town of Gaston listed on policy as liability additional insured. Should have workers comp. in place with employers liability and an aggregate policy; be licensed and bonded. (Auto Liability Policy for Lawn Care Contractor – show proof . For example: if moving equipment, etc. and hit someone’s car – town is not responsible.) Background checks will be done on all who apply.

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