Mayor’s Office Mission Statement

The mission of the Mayor’s office is to uphold the standards set, for the office, in the state of South Carolina. The Mayor shall (1) preside at all town meetings; (2) lead, guide and develop (in conjunction with the town council and others) short and long range growth and development plans and goals for the town of Gaston; (3) represent the town of Gaston and promote its interests at the local, county, state and national levels and in economic and industrial development; (4) be the head of the City for all ceremonial and spokesperson purposes.

It is the mission of the Mayor’s office to see that the town of Gaston reaches its goals in our ever changing and growing community. I will continue to work hard, along side our town council and staff, to see that town of Gaston has every opportunity to continue to grow economically, enhance our quality of life and build a strong, vibrant community. With the continued support and involvement from our community members, the town of Gaston will continue to grow and prosper.